Beyond the plant nursery ... the dream of a lifetime.

More than a park ... a botanical paradise.

The Park of the Five Continents, this is the name that Antonio Aumenta wanted to give to his masterpiece, the maximum expression of his professionalism and passion.
Years of travel in search of the rarest specimens and habitats in which they live in order recreate the same atmosphere, transporting the visitor to distant countries.
Since 2006, the year that marks the beginning of the works, after more than a decade, the Park of the continents in the spring of 2018 will be ready to open its doors to the public.
It covers more than 16 hectares with thousands of specimens mixed not because of mere exposure but plunged into real environments where getting lost in the colors and scents of faraway countries.
From the rainforests, the southern forest to the Sahara Desert, from the amphitheater of the olive trees to the sequoia forests of North America, passing through Zen/Asian or tex-mex of Central America ... you will be able to travel from one continent to another without a passport.




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